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January 24, 2010
Dave Bertrand

Sheriff Arpaio could become the last “Constitutional Sheriff” in America if the feds get their way. One of the most dangerous cities in America, known for the highest daily rate of kidnappings….Phoenix Arizona, is now under attack by the federal government to usurp the sheriff’s constitutional duty to enforce (state) immigration laws.

Sheriff Arpaio, along with his law enforcement sweeps by his deputies and posse, continues to enrage the pro-open border politicians and their constituents.

With “Amnesty” lurking in the shadows of congress, and a failed SBI “Virtual Fence” project, flanking Sasabe Arizona, south of Three Points (Tucson), the border is an invitation to illegal aliens that are told to “get-in before amnesty is passed.”

A heightened alert within the Altar Valley, north, east and west of Sasabe….continues to be a highly watched area for (stupid) unsuspecting drug smugglers and others. Since the government/Boeing project cannot get 17 towers working properly, ranchers and border watch groups are stepping-up to the plate and placing sensors and cameras throughout the valley.

The story continues …..

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