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Democrats running scared …

January 19, 2010
Lynn M Stuter

History may be in the making in Massachusetts. Tomorrow a special election will be held to see who will fill the vacant Senate seat of Ted Kennedy, the drunk who left a pregnant Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in his submerged vehicle at Chappaquiddick.

It seems the Democrats truly believed the seat was theirs for the taking.

They now find themselves in the campaign of their life. As of this writing, Republican candidate Scott Brown is leading the Democrat candidate Martha Coakley by several points.

The election is too close to call and the Democrats are running scared; made obvious by the fact that Also Known As (AKA) Obama showed up in Massachusetts over the weekend to stump for Coakley. His speechifying stayed as far away from the real issues as possible, focusing instead on an attack against Scott Brown who he claims is anti-people, pro-Wall Street.

Come again, AKA?

Who’s pro-Wall Street? Who did you bail out with the tax dollars you took by force (stole) from the American people in a move totally outside your authority and constitutional power?

Who was that, AKA? It certainly wasn’t Scott Brown.

While you claim to be for the people, you are, just as your predecessors, marching to the tune of big-moneyed interests on Wall Street. Who do you think you’re kidding?

Some have lamented AKA’s visit to Massachusetts as him trying to steal the election. Of course, that is what he’s after. Duh, why would he go there otherwise?

But, considering that AKA is about as popular as a rattlesnake on the prowl, his visit to Massachusetts may have done Coakley more harm than good.

Demonstrators showed up at the “I love Coakley” event where AKA did his speechifying. While the lamestream media carefully avoided reporting on the demonstration, the message from that quarter was clear — AKA and Coakley weren’t welcome; the people of Massachusetts are fed up with the oppressive policies of the left.

Bill Clinton got the same treatment when he showed up to stump for Coakley, too.

Speaking of lamestream media, MSNBC’s radio personality, Ed Schultz, went on record as supporting vote fraud.

That’s right.

His exact words, broadcast for all in listening range to hear, with regard to the Massachusetts race, were, “I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote 10 times. I don’t know if they’d let me or not, but I’d try to. Yeah, that’s right. I’d cheat to keep these bastards out. I would. ‘Cause that’s exactly what they are.”

Will Ed Schultz get his walking papers from MSNBC? Does a dog have three legs? (Only when lifting one … something it appears, from the attack ads, that Coakley is good at!)

Schultz’s admission conjures images of AKA’s ACORN stuffing ballot boxes and registering illegal aliens to vote. At least Schultz is staying true to his nature!

What’s at stake in Massachusetts?

The needed votes to pass Obama deathcare, the love-child of Ted Kennedy.

If Scott Brown wins tomorrow, what an indictment of the Democrats, of AKA, of Washington DC!

If a Republican can take Massachusetts, for years a Democrat stronghold, the message is clear, “we were serious when we said we would throw your sorry butts out!”

Washington DC will take the millions of pink slips shipped to them far more seriously, Democrat and Republican alike.

The Democrats are in trouble; there is no doubt. Dodd and Dorgan jumping ship is a real good indication that they are getting out while they can do so with their good name intact. Far better than slinking from the room with their tail tucked between their legs, the product of a resounding defeat at the polls.

Scott Brown has stated that the Massachusetts Senate seat belongs to the people. If elected tomorrow, let us hope he remembers who he represents.

Meanwhile, Martha, please do learn how to spell Massachusetts! It’s getting pretty bad when you, the Massachusetts Attorney General, don’t even know how to spell the name of your state! Worse yet that you misspelled Massachusetts in an attack ad against your Republican rival.

© 2010 Lynn M Stuter – All Rights Reserved.

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