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The Powers Delegated to the Federal Government are Few and Defined

January 18, 2010
Michael Boldin

In New Hampshire, State Representative Dan Itse has introduced House Bill 1343, which, if passed, would create “a joint committee of the legislature to consider the constitutionality of acts, orders, laws, statutes, regulations, and rules by the government of the United States including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, and to consider the actions necessary to protect the sovereignty of the state of New Hampshire.”

Unlike the many 10th Amendment Resolutions that have been introduced around the country since 2008, HB1343 is legally-binding legislation.

Calling on Thomas Jefferson and the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, the bill reaffirms the principle that it was “We the People” of the several states that created the federal government, and not the other way around. Thus, it’s the people of each state, and not the federal government, that retains sovereignty, which is defined as “final authority” in the American System.

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