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How your tax dollars were used to bribe members of Congress

January 7, 2010
Downsize DC

There’s a famous cartoon of a bird trying to eat a frog. The bird has the frog by the head but can’t swallow it because the frog has the bird by the neck and is choking the life out of it.

Think of the bird as the Democrats, and the frog as either the cancerous healthcare bill, or the poor beleaguered American taxpayer.

We think the Democrats are going to choke on this healthcare bill, or, if they finally pass it, the voters will strangle them in the coming election. Meanwhile . . .

We should demonstrate the same “never say die” attitude as the frog in the cartoon. The fight isn’t over, even when it looks like the politicians are about to swallow us.

Please send another letter to Congress opposing the healthcare bill.

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