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Our Prole-Producing Public Schools

January 5, 2010
RC Murray

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with an idiot? No, I’m not talking about that moron down at the DMV or those bureaucratic bozos who keep kicking back your VA claim for re-evaluation because you’re not dead yet. I’m talking about a real-life example of one of George Orwell’s proles. They’re easy to spot. Those who don’t work directly for the government receive some sort of government subsidy.

I recently had a conversation with a prole who tried to explain to me why we need a “Big Brother” to take care of all the “little brothers” out there. I presume he was talking about folks like me who think all levels of government are too big and in great dire need of top to bottom downsizing. Maybe he thinks I need to be cured of my thoughtcrimes.

The story continues …..

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