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America’s Looming Class War

December 30, 2009
Mark R. Crovelli

In the weeks and years immediately following September 11, 2001, many Americans succumbed to the attractive yet fictional idea that all people in the United States share the same interests, goals and values. This idea of a mystical “unity” among all Americans took widespread hold as a natural human reaction to an attack by foreigners on American soil. With a dangerous cocktail of fear and anger coursing through their veins, and prodded on by the docile and unquestioning American political-media establishment, it was easy and emotionally satisfying to imagine that “we” were united together in a quasi-spiritual bond against an evil and maniacal foreign enemy. Members of America’s political class were not oblivious to the fact that they could exploit this idea for their own personal gain, and they pounced at the opportunity to pass legislation aimed at controlling and subduing Americans themselves – in the name of protecting them, of course. Seeking to distract Americans from the obvious fact that the U.S. government had both provoked the attack and failed to stop it, a bellicose vanguard of the political class pounced at the opportunity to make real their dream of sending American soldiers into far-away deserts and rocky mountains in order to spread “democracy” to the savages of the world.

The story continues …..

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