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Lincolnian Health Care

December 28, 2009
Al Benson Jr.

“…and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19b). Contrary to what some wishy-washy church leaders would tell us about the recently enacted “health care reform” bill in the Senate, this partial quote from Jesus pretty much describes what went on in the Senate only a few days ago regarding our new “health care” package. In spite of the media hoopla about what a grand, historic event the passage of this draconian legislation was, I have to wonder, if it was such a “victory” for the great American unwashed, why did they have to wait until 1 a.m. on Christmas eve day to get it passed? Couldn’t they have managed to vote on it in broad daylight–or was the Senate leadership too buy during the daylight hours cajoling, threatening, and bribing the various senators whose votes they needed to pass this thing? Common criminals such as the Dalton or Capone gangs would have lined up outside the Senate office building, waiting to take lessons from the Senate leadership on how to “convince” people to do what they wanted them to do had they only been aware of the tactics of the current leadership in their time.

Where, you might ask, did the Senate leadership (and that of the House as well) come up with the idea that they should dictate to the American public whether they should have to purchase health insurance or not?

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