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Latinos Unhappy With Senate Health Care Plan

December 28, 2009
Jerry McConnell

Now that Christians have once again celebrated the birth of their savior Jesus Christ with love and sharing it’s sad that we must return to the mundane and seriously imperfect world of political correctness where lies and fraudulent promises are everyday fare for the pretenders. But those who are the most guilty of such deceitfulness have too much at stake to suddenly change to truthfulness.

I speak mainly of the current rulers of our government in both houses of Congress and the Administration in the White House. They must promote their nefarious schemes that will eventually lead to a takeover of all of our private properties and income. They can do this only by creating lie after lie and convincing their gullible followers that they are being truthful while those who oppose them are guilty of being followers of Hitlerism and Nazi tactics.

The most current vehicle of infamy is the Administration’s health care plan as abetted by a Congressional majority of liberals who have mostly themselves and their followers interests to protect as opposed to the benevolence and good of our country.

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