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“STAND UP TO THE SYSTEM! Government is FORCE, Taxation is THEFT!”

December 28, 2009

Source …..

“10,000,000 People

NOT To Pay Their Income Tax

On Or Before April 15″

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  1. Pete's Inc permalink
    December 28, 2009 1:11 pm

    Search for Pollack v Farmers & or the Credit River Decision & then Executive Order 11110 then the JFK videO on Secret Socities then read thru & then read thru jewish traitors pt 1 & pt 2, then search the term dual isreali & ask why the Kenyan has selected mostly CFR & isreali mossad/IDF in his cabinet. Or ask why Isreal gets $7,000,000.oo per day from the ZBlood Sweat & Tears of We the Ppl per day & the kenyan has ordered 25 of Our newest F-35 jet fighters with the added costs of shools for IDF pilots then search History of Isreali False Flag Ops & ask why Pres Johnson refused to STOP the attack on the USS Liberty, FTG

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