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Global Warming – The Real Agenda

December 24, 2009
Robert L. Hale

Fear of global warming has taken the world by storm, so to speak. According to theorists — universally claiming to be purveyors of scientific truth rather than theorists — mankind is bringing the earth to a boil. Without worldwide management of human activities, they assure us, life as we know it will come to a disastrous end.

The world climate conference in Copenhagen is making clear which “human activities” must be brought under control. Zhao Baige, China’s vice-minister of National Population and Family Planning, equated population with climate change. She pointed to China’s one-child policy as the right way to deal with climate change.

Canada’s leading newspaper, the Financial Times, is calling for imposition of China’s one-child policy on a global scale. The paper warns readers that this will be difficult because of fundamentalist religions and leaders in emerging countries who see children as a social safety net for their elderly populations.

Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown stated, “This world deal at Copenhagen must be ambitious, global, comprehensive, and legally binding within six months.” Britain’s Parliament commissioned a study that called for establishing a “sustainable” British population. The study concluded a sustainable population was 30 million — half of the current population of 60 million.

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