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Traitors, Every One

December 23, 2009
Lynn Stuter

It is telling, indeed, that Senator Harry Reid scheduled the vote on H.R. 3590 for the middle of the night, being the unethical, amoral coward that he is. Quite obviously, Reid believed this middle of the night vote would keep Senators from incurring the ire of the 70% of Americans who oppose Obama Deathcare.

Calls to the Capital Hill Switchboard, beginning at 12 p.m EST approximate, resulted in the caller being 1) hung up on; 2) forwarded to their Senator’s voice mail which was either full or shut off; or 3) forwarded to a dead-end recording. The switchboard refused to forward calls to the Senate floor and refused to get messages to Senators. Quite obviously, this was deliberate, the ultimate in arrogance because Senators, knowing that 70% of the American people do not want the Obama Deathcare Bill, think they can cram it down our throats, irrespective.

The story continues …..

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