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Obama And Reid Accused Of Multiple Felonies

December 22, 2009
Tom Barrett

Today I watched in sadness as respected US Senators accused the President of the United States and the Senate Majority Leader of the federal crimes of vote-buying and the bribery of public officials. This was no political stunt. It was deadly serious. And it did not involve a relatively minor amount of money, such as the $90,000 cash discovered by the FBI in Louisiana Democrat Congressman William Jefferson’s freezer. This involved billions of dollars of public money used to purchase the votes of US Senators in favor of the Senate’s health care “reform” bill.

The story continues …..

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  1. December 27, 2009 5:20 pm

    I have an Old Saying that to Gamble with Words will pay you for a Day, or it can Feed you for life. To say: that I didn’t say to The President He was a Great Man would be a lie for I won’t lie to anyone, but to say that The President was not Fair, I did put it in the Air. I gave Him My Best Plans and to see that We are not Destroyed By a Terrorist Plot. Now it turns out that some of The Words are right, that we need to Do Something About His Terrible lot. Does The President have an Attorney? I stood by Bill Clinton when The Deal went Down, I had advised the President Clinton alot. Had told the Republicans to Trust God, and Give some Forgiveness to Him, for He was not a Better Man than any of Us. To President Obama I’d say Thanks alot, for The Promises of Freedom and The War we have Fought, for the Country needs Us[Government] Now, Thanks alot. A New Leader will emerge and another will take His Place, Hopefully they will not lie alot, as did those whom have gotten Caught. If this Report is True this is How I feel about Our Democratic Presidents, and if not then there is a Better Explanation too. I Served The Republican Party under President Ronald Reagan, as well as The Presidents Bush and Bush Jr. too. Volunteer Intelligence

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