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No ADL, No Hate Crime Laws

December 20, 2009
Rev. Ted Pike

The Anti-Defamation League is not backing down from its outrageous claim that millions of Americans are conspiring against Obama! ADL’s recent report, Rage in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies, claims millions of anti-Obama Americans, consumed with “toxic rage,” will say almost anything necessary to bring the President down.

But spokeswoman Myrna Shinbaum says the backlash against ADL is simply a misunderstanding: “The comments are coming from people who have not read the report…They’re reacting to the media spin and not its substance.” (Jewish Telegraph Agency, -Conservatives Rap ADL Report on Anti-Government Anger, Dec. 1)

What “media” is misrepresenting ADL? It’s certainly not the mainstream liberal media that usually works in lockstep to give ADL initiatives maximum publicity. With only a handful of exceptions, the media has said nothing, pro or con, about Rage in America. Why? Big media is embarrassed by ADL. If its claim that millions of Americans are conspirators were not so sinister, it would be laughable.

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