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Former Minnesota Governor Reveals Black Box Mystery

December 18, 2009
Victor Thorn

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s Dec. 9 broadcast of Conspiracy Theory ended with a major disclosure. Not only did recovery and rescue worker Mike Bellone reiterate earlier 2004 claims that the FBI had recovered three of the four “black boxes” from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center, but he also quoted a supervisor for American Airlines Flight 11.

This woman monitored the actual live transmissions emanating from this airliner; and according to her, the “hijackers” were already in the plane’s cockpit prior to takeoff. Further, she claimed others on the ground were fully aware of this situation while Flight 11 taxied on the runway, and they still allowed it to take off.

Initially, Bellone promised to produce this employee for Ventura, but she declined an interview at the last minute out of fear for her life. After having her house, car and cell phone bugged, federal officials frightened her into not talking. Bellone also divulged that FBI officials told him not to discuss this matter with the media.

The story continues …..

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