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Sympathy, Please, for White House Czars

November 29, 2009
Barry Napier

Obama, full of his own importance and yet cutely incompetent, appointed ‘Czars’ to bring him daily doses of wisdom he could use in his work as Resident of the USA (I left the ‘p’ off, because he might move back to Kenya one day). We hope. Soon.

One Czar currently enjoying the limelight is Dr John P Holdren, Director of Science and Technology Policy. This delightfully nasty piece of work has been prominently mentioned in the hacked emails taken from the CRU, East Anglia University. In them he suitably slanders and slashes a number of other scientists, because they dared to oppose global warming. (Notice, by the way, how global warming has sort of left the stage? The same happened when they discovered the global ice age was not happening back in the 1970s and 80s. Funny, eh? We should, by this record of academic success, see climate change disappearing soon, to be replaced by, er, the changing fur colour of koala bears caused by, er, alien space ships).

The story continues …..

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