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Net Neutrality Regulation vs. Internet Freedom

September 30, 2009
Adam de Angeli

c4lIn a recent video interview, Congressman Ron Paul gave detailed answers to questions posed online by members of When asked to elaborate his position on network neutrality regulation, Paul responded that he did not know the details of the legislation, but that he was against regulation and this situation didn’t appear to be any different from those he was familiar with.

It was a great response in that it acknowledged the rightness of liberty as a universal principle that acts as a compass through challenging policy issues. Lesser principled politicians never even think of applying that sort of reasoning to an issue. Unfortunately, it’s also not how most voters think about issues, and to persuade a skeptical audience, we need to understand the details of the issue and what is at stake. Network neutrality regulation is more than just another pesky law; it is a floodgate to government control of the Internet and the reduction of consumer choices.

The story continues …..

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