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The Anti-Fed Revolution Is Happening

September 28, 2009
Matt Hawes

c4lAs anyone who attended Friday’s Audit the Fed hearing could tell you (or as you could see from watching via the live stream), it was quite the experience.

My first thought upon taking my seat was literally, “Wow. We did this.” Seriously. A thorough and complete audit of the Fed wasn’t on anyone else’s radar before Congressman Paul introduced his bill back in February. Even with the recession on in full force and debates raging as to the scope of the bailouts, the odds were good that the bill would suffer the same fate it had when previously introduced and quietly sit in the assigned Committee.

But something had drastically changed since the last time this bill was presented. Principles consistently championed for thirty years were given an unprecedented platform. Apathy was cured. As the days went by, more people started hearing the ever-louder sounds of the Constitution being shredded on the local, state, and national levels, and those people decided they had had enough.

We had a Revolution. Correction, we are having a Revolution.

The story continues …..

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