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“The Brown Berets Ran Like the Gutless Cowards They Are!”

September 28, 2009
Roy Warden

September 27, 2009
CSII Press
Tucson Arizona

In spite of the “disappointment” expressed in the Arizona Star by “Cub” Blogger Tim Steller, Warden says the counter-protest to the Brown Beret rally in front of the Pima County Courthouse was a big success.

For two weeks we heard some tough talk like “We’re so bad, hombre, we don’t need no stinkin’ po-lice protection. We got our own security.”

Yeah, right. Blah, blah, blah.

Simply speaking: the ‘Brown Berets’ ‘aint got no huevos!

“If we hadn’t invited them to debate, stood tall in the saddle and showed our resolve on September 25, 2009, the much ballyhooed ‘Brown Berets’ would have showed up in large numbers, strutted their stuff, made angry pronouncements and other drivel, glared menacingly at the camera and the Arizona Star would have been proud to put pictures of Brown Bereted Nazi wantabees marching unopposed in the streets of Tucson on the front page,” Warden, the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner said.

Instead the ‘Brown Berets’ showed their true color, which, as it turns out, is not brown at all.

It’s yellow.

“I want to thank the several dozen American citizens who showed up to support the counter-protest,” Warden says.

“On September 25, 2009 it wouldn’t have mattered if 15,000 ‘Brown Berets’ had showed up. We would have stood our ground and burned two Mexican flags right in their face just like we did in Armory Park on April 10, 2006, and said:

“If you want to take this country by force, quit talking and get to fighting. Let’s get it on!”

Warden wants anyone who attended the rally on September 25, 2006 to let him know by email. He wants to thank them personally.

“I especially want to thank that lady (was that you Cindy K?) who showed up with the .357 prominently displayed on her hip. I took one look at her and the small group surrounding her and said to myself:

‘Gee Whiz. Maybe these so called ‘Brown Berets’ are not quite as stupid as they look. I wouldn’t want to fight people like this!’

Roy Warden
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