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Our Food Supply Threatened — AGENDA 21

September 22, 2009
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You may have heard about what is happening in Northern California with the farmers and the water supply.

Michael Shaw, an expert on Agenda 21, directed this video which is synonymous with ‘Sustainable Development’. Shaw has an excellent presentation in the vein of G Edward Griffin.

In the first one he explains Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development and in the second one he describes how it is being used with regard to the California water crisis.

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  1. Joe Toman permalink
    October 2, 2009 6:33 pm

    What I heard is the the PRESIDENT – your friend OBAMA By executive order cut off all the water to that region of the country for some stupid little fish that needs the water more than PEOPLE?

    My question is: who gave HIM or any President the power to control anything. I thought in a republic the congress and senate and president REPRESENT the People. But the People be damned today. We have Executive ORDERS of a Tyrant. When will YOU say ENOUGH!

    Perhaps when your head is on a gueotien(sp) or you go to some concentration camp.

    Hitler didn’t even have such control. But then most idiots think Hitler was a bad guy anyway. But he was just the first example of tyranny. You are living it and do not even see it.

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