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Obama may back ‘newspaper revitalization act’ media bailout

September 22, 2009
Digital Journal

Senator Cardin’s newspaper bailout concept – that offers tax incentives for local newspapers that restructure as non-profit organizations – has received renewed attention, as President Obama says he’d be ‘happy to look at’ newspaper bailout bills.

Senator Cardin has been working to structure legislation that would reward local news organizations if they were to restructure as non-profit organizations – and not endorse political candidates.

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  1. Joe Toman permalink
    October 2, 2009 7:10 pm

    “that offers tax incentives ”

    I prefer to go back to “NO TAXATION without REPRESENTATION”

    ‘tax incentives’ is a treasonous remark.

    I will not give your damn government another cent without knowing that you represent me. Is that clear enough.

    Go to hell. Senator Cardin and most if not all senators and congressmen are traitors and should be hung from the nearest lamp pole.

    So sue me in some British Esquire court of non law.

    For me, I re-sign my name to the Dec of Independence. The only document of American Independence.

    I hate this British government under the ruse of being American!!

    Take your Esquire traitors like Washington and the rest and go to hell. The constitution was indeed a CON for the banks and interests of Britain and the banks (city of london). And the banks won. How nice. But we still sing the songs and fly the flag of our enemy.

    Is that nuts or not. Do you really think we won some Independence. And you use a debt note daily. Wise up. I may not be here tomorrow but I tell you this. Freedom comes with study and not study in some gov school.

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