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Why We’re Talking About Race — Again

September 22, 2009
Star Parker

The Democrats have lost the health care debate.

For months now, polls have been showing that Americans don’t want the massive new government controls, regulations, taxes, and spending that Democrats are pushing.

Latest Gallup polling shows 60 percent saying that President Barack Obama’s proposal will not expand health coverage without raising taxes on middle class Americans and without affecting the current quality of health care.

Forty three percent approve of how Obama is handling health care and 52 percent disapprove.

You would be hard pressed to find a Democrat or Republican who does not agree that we can improve how we deliver health care.

So the logical conclusion we’d expect now from well intentioned people would be that we go back to square one. We do what Obama promised but never did — have a truly open, bi-partisan discussion, with all ideas are on the table, to generate the best possible product for the American people.

Why is this not happening? Because it’s not about healthcare. It’s about ideology.

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  1. Joe Toman permalink
    October 2, 2009 6:10 pm

    ARE you kidding me.

    “have a truly open, bi-partisan discussion…”

    with idiots that think a two party system is just and have kept the people in ignorance for 200 years? Give me a break. As long as you support evil and vote for the next best criminal – you deserve all you get in this country.

    But you do believe in the system, don’t you. So reap what you sow.

    You love corporations! Yes? You love your drugs and your big stores and your doctors and your lawyers. And your INSURANCE and BANKs. So stop complaining.

    You have sold your children down the tubes. Nice. And you don’t even care to understand why or how. You think it some conspiracy theory or some other stupid idea.

    I speak from a perspective that I may not be here tomorrow. I see the end so I tell you what I think. But then who cares.

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