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Echo Chamber of Lies: Open Letter to Leonard Pitts on SPLC

September 20, 2009
Steve Scroggins

The text below is an open letter to Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr., regarding his column (9/16/09) entitled, The ‘Culture War’ is real and scary.

Mr. Pitts,

This letter is to condemn your promotion of the Southern Poverty Law Center as if the SPLC were a source of “credible” information. We don’t expect you to take our word for it, but we do challenge you to look a little deeper, to see what others have written about the SPLC and their tactics, their motivations and to judge it yourself. Their history demonstrates that they are frauds and conmen, character assassins for hire, and scaremongers whose primary motivation is fundraising under the pretense of fighting racism. It’s all about marketing and fundraising in the Church of Morris Dees. The commentary link below contains numerous links to various opinion essays, sources and investigative reports.

The letter continues …..

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