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Pelosi ‘Frightened’ by Free Speech

September 19, 2009
Bobby Eberle

pelosi afraidIt appears that the Democrats have found a way to fight back against Americans who have growing concerns over the way the government is being run. Have Obama, Pelosi, and other left-wingers come up with better policies? No. Have they thought of ways to present their message in a way Americans can understand? Of course not.

What Pelosi and others are doing is simple: if you are on the losing side of a debate, stop debating and start attacking. Pelosi is now saying that protesters who are exercising their First Amendment rights are “frightening.” She likens the debate that’s going on now over health care to the potential for violence and disruption that was prevalent in the 1970s. In other words, she wants people to just shut up and fall in line. Well… that’s not going to happen… not this time!

Just take a look at what Nancy Pelosi had to say at her recent press conference:

The story continues …..

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