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Warden Plans Counter Protest To Brown Beret Rally

September 19, 2009
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EVENT: Counter Protest to Brown Berets

DATE: September 25, 2009

TIME: 9:00 am to Noon

PLACE: Pima County Courthouse, Corner of Church and Congress

CSII Press
Tucson Arizona
September 18, 2009

roy-wardenYesterday Roy Warden, aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner,” announced he was organizing a counter-protest to the Brown Beret Rally in front of the Pima County Courthouse on September 25, 2009.

Over the past three years Warden has conducted dozens of rallies addressing the issue of Pima County Open Border Policy.

On April 10, 2006 Warden led 15 members of a counter protest into Armory Park Tucson Arizona to confront 15,000 rabid, “Pro-Raza” activists who proclaimed “today we march, tomorrow we vote” and demanded America cede sovereignty of Arizona to Mexico, resulting in what now is known as “The Riot in Armory Park.”

“In 2006 there were only fifteen of us willing to confront 15,000. We told them:

‘Arizona will never be Mexico! America is the stronghold. Here in Pima County we Americans will make our stand!’”

“They didn’t like our political statements, like ‘Go back to Mexico and join the Mexican revolution.’”

“They didn’t like it when we burned two Mexican Flags, so they rioted.”

During the riot six “Pro-Raza” activists were arrested for felony assaults on police officers, though charges were later dropped at the insistence of Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia.

Instead Warden was arrested, and later acquitted, for a variety of misdemeanors, including assault and Reckless Burning, a lesser and included offense in Arizona’s arson statute.

Warden contends that for the past thirty years Pima County and Tucson City officials have promulgated Open Border Policy in violation of federal law. They did it to create a flood of Mexican Illegal Aliens to satisfy the cheap labor desires of Arizona contractors.

“For thirty years Pima County officials brought in Mexican Illegal Aliens to exploit their labor and for 15 years left wing propagandists employed by the Raza Studies Program at TUSD exploited their children, taught them radicalism and racial hatred, that America “stole” the American southwest from Mexico, that the ‘Gringo’ must be killed and driven back to Plymouth Rock and other rubbish,” Warden said.

“Now people seem surprised when groups of radicals sporting brown shirts and brown berets march in the streets and call for ‘La Reconquista.’”

For further information contact:

Roy Warden
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