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Triple-snort-worthy: White House “distances” itself from ACORN

September 18, 2009
Michelle Malkin

michellemalkinGood thing I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read the Politico headline about Team Obama trying to run away from ACORN:

“W.H. distances from activist group”

Choking. Up. With. Laughter.

Barack Obama can no more disown ACORN than he could disown his own shadow.

The story continues …..

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  1. Bill Conry permalink
    September 23, 2009 12:07 am

    Right on, Larry, my Christian friend!

  2. Larry D. Crumbley permalink
    September 19, 2009 12:52 pm

    Maybe he-(OBAMA)-can tell them to allow Elvis Presly and Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck, and all the others that were given permission to vote for you guessed it Barack Obama in the last election. Well maybe Elvis can go back to being dead and the Disney characters can go back to Orlando, and then you have the homeless that were most likely given money to vote for Obama in every state. So if this organization–A.C.O.R.N. is not a criminal enterprise then I do not know what you might want to call it. It is kind of funny though that this man-(OBAMA)-wants to try, and distance himself from people, and organizations whenever they have been caught with there hands in the cookie jar if you will. LESS SEE THERE IS THAT SO-CALLED MINISTER JEREMIAH WRIGHT, AND YOU NOTICE I CALLED HIM A SO-CALLED MINISTER, AND THEN THERE IS THAT PIECE OF HUMAN WASTE BILL AYERS, AND HIS WIFE, AND THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE SEEING SOME VERY SMART PEOPLE OF COLOR WAKING UP IN THIS NATION AND SAYING ENOUGH ALREADY. I AM HEARING IT MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY, AND I THANK GOD FOR THAT. THEY ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE MODERN-DAY-MEDIAS WAY OF CALLING THEM AN AFRICAN AMERICAN. A WHOLE LOT OF THEM WANT TO JUST TO BE KNOWN AS AMERICANS. THANK GOD THAT WE AS A PEOPLE ARE JUST NOW GETTING OUR SEA-LEGS BACK. THANK YOU JESUS. I JUST PRAY TO GOD EVERY DAY THAT IT IS NOT TO LATE FOR THIS NATION THAT I LOVE. GOD BLESS ALL THAT MIGHT READ MY POST. YOU WANT TO WRITE TO ME GO AHEAD— May the Lord of this universe Bless and keep everyone.

    Larry D. Crumbley

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