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Human Events vs. Pat Buchanan: An Insider’s View

September 16, 2009
Kevin Lamb

Charles Bloch’s recent posting on VDARE.COM about Human Events distancing itself from Pat Buchanan’s recent syndicated column “Did Hitler Really Want War?” picks away the scab that defines the American Right: the modern “conservative” establishment.

Buchanan’s column was pulled from Human Events’ website in the wake of liberal Jewish criticism. Bloch, a Jewish supporter of Buchanan, criticized the decision to remove the column.

The growing menace of political correctness and increasing political persecution from the intolerant radical Left reveal the spinelessness of Conservatism, Inc., in defending bedrock positions that once defined the political Right.

As a fixture on the Washington political scene, Human Events and other editors and owners of “conservative” publications tread carefully around “controversies” that can run afoul of the “PC” police.

The story continues …..

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