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Say No to the Individual Health Insurance Mandate!

September 15, 2009
David McKalip, M.D.

c4lAmericans are being misled by President Obama and the Republican Party in the health care debate. That is right, the Republican Party. Both are ready to foist a huge joke on the Democratic party, truly left-wing Obama Supporters and the American people. They plan to walk arm and arm together to a signing ceremony this year to finally turnover all health care financing to large insurance companies. The insurance companies will then follow “cost control” protocols (rationing) created by the government. I have written about this final plan since last spring and in July on Campaign for Liberty. For the President, there is no turning back. For the Republicans it is a defining moment for their party — will they go along with Obama or stand up for liberty? You will need to tell them on which side to stand by contacting them immediately.

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