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Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico)

September 15, 2009
Allan Wall

Turnabout Not Fair Play—Gringos Don’t Get Free Medical Care In Mexico

A certain Tom Shaw of Las Vegas wrote an interesting letter which was recently published on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website. It asked this question:

“Here is my question: If I had a life-threatening medical condition, would it be acceptable for me to illegally enter Mexico, for example, for free and endless treatment even though I’m not supposed to be in their country in the first place? I could possibly explain to Mexican authorities that I have no job, no insurance and no means to pay for my hospital charges. What are the chances that their government would be compassionate enough to overlook my selfish and law-breaking ways and pass my financial responsibilities onto the backs of their own citizens—no matter the cost? They might even move my family to the front of the line at their emergency rooms since we have nowhere else to go. Because I have a life-threatening condition, that would be the humanitarian thing to do.”

The story continues …..

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