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The Great Distraction

September 13, 2009
Brasscheck TV

How do you keep a population from going berzerk when they realize that the thieves at the top have sold them and their country out from under them? (aka Great Depression II)

You employ a distraction.

A new war? Another “terrorist” attack?

Nah. Been there. Done that.

How about a “pandemic?”

The timing is certainly convenient.

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  1. September 20, 2009 8:41 am

    HI Frances!

    I’m with you. Shoot me know, because you will NOT be injecting me, Dr. Mengele, and my family will be behind me. “Over my dead body,” literally.

    I’m 53 and had 20 pretty good years. As the Klingons say “today is a good day to die.”

    And as TEXANS say, “Remember the Alamo.”

    Keep up the war of words, Frances. Maybe we can avert the war of “leave me alone or shoot me.”

  2. bioqubit permalink
    September 14, 2009 7:25 pm

    Form groups that fight back. Petitions, calls, sue them, get the media on your side…never give up.

  3. Frances Foland permalink
    September 14, 2009 1:57 am

    I know of this problem but how do we stop it? Already, Oklahoma State House has passed a bill mandating vaccinations in that state when Obama gives the signal. Those who refuse to get the vaccine, will be carted off by bus to a military installation where they will be forced to take the vaccine. Then, there is a bracelet everyone will have to wear from then on–those who said yes, and those who were forced, containing all their information in a chip inside the bracelet which will be attached to the body. How do we stop this? I understand that these orders have gone out nationwide to all police depts, state troopers and military throughout the country, and that road blocks will be set up searching for people to have their proof of vaccination on them, if they can’t prove it, they will have to have it again!!!!!!

    I am not taking it–I choose to die quickly if I must, instead of slowly with the tainted vaccine.

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