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Pandemic, Inc., Government’s Sledgehammer Control

September 7, 2009
Greg Evensen

Say what you will, believe what you want, tell others of your deep “in the gut” support for Dictator-in-Chief Obama’s vision of change while you continue to wave good-by in the rear view mirror to the once really free America.

Keep rejoicing at the trillions of wasted and unaccountable dollars that have gone nowhere except in the deep pockets of bankers, social activist groups, radicals on the left who view entitlements as one of the eleven (you just thought their were ten) commandments of God Himself and of course do not dismiss the well-oiled police state environment that continues to arm and use every conceivable branch of government they can find or invent. Bureau of Land Management agents, US Forest Service Rangers, US Fish and Wildlife motorboat patrols, and of course the famous fugitive freakin’ chicken Poultry Inspectors have all been granted the authority to carry deadly weapons. WHY???

All laughter aside, it will soon be armed Federal Highway Crews, FAA Controllers and FCC personnel. CDC doctors would be next, except they just can’t figure out how to draw a gun with surgical gloves on.

The story continues …..

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