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From The Mighty Eagle to circling Buzzards

September 7, 2009
Freedom County, Texas USA

Watch this video first:

After watching the video on America and the Eagle I cannot stop crying, my heart is broken in so many pieces by the loss of my personal America that I have loved so much over the past 70 years. Such a slow and planned dismemberment of a Proud and Practical nation we once were. Now what are we? Who even cares? Our majestic White House is a shameful reminder of the Crude, vicious, greedy men who we have allowed to inhabit those great rooms. The shame and vile nature of the very people who were supposed to be our guardians and the guardians of our Nation is criminal.

Look to the sky, where is that majestic eagle circling and watching? He has been replaced by a group of Buzzards circling the decaying flesh of a nation in ruin. Waiting to finish off the last bit of flesh from our bones.

Our pride has been denounced as arrogance, our schools teach communism, no one can be smarter or more productive than another, everyone has to be mediocre so no ones feelings are hurt. No one can excell above his peers, sex is the major sector of our lives, everyday, every nite on TV, Radio, Internet sex rules as our motive for existance and pleasure. What happened to the pride of building a beautiful piece of furniture, painting a glorious picture, inventing a product that produces products to enlighten and enable more and better production?

As a nation we have allowed people with low morals, greedy agendas and perverted traits to take over our country because they had the nerve to speak out, yell out, browbeat others who were not vocal nor had the nerve and dignity to repel their oratory. After all if it is on TV it has to be true ! Our brains have become sluggish with all of the chemicals, insecticides, medications that are ingested daily by the population. Our bodies have become rife with painful joints, sore backs, mental depression and a maze of confusion. There is a medical explanation for everything now, a name for every single problem that may arise and a medication to counteract it. All those Blue Pills.. Just take another pill everything will be OK…

We allow illegal aliens to stand on our capital steps and rant and rave about their taking over our country, the Americans are old, worn out, should just die as the Mexicans are now in charge. They will drive us out of our own country. Burn our flags, stomp on our generosity with a steel boot demanding we give even more while they allow their own country to be over run by thugs. They mar our landscapes with trash, improvish our people with taxes to pay for thier safety, health and welfare and have infiltrated our own government with Liberal non thinking non caring anti American idiots who we have elected to a status of power they fully believe they deserve.

We allow a group of theives to run our economy, determine where we spend our money and become more and more in control of every facet of our lives including the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. We will one day be subservient to these bankers in order to be able to put a crumb of bread in our mouths. It is nearing that point now.

Will you stop it? Can we stop it? How?

How can I expect people to do anything as long as they are living in the reality of the Media? I am afraid that if these people were exposed to the real world there would be mass hysteria. Yet I remain hopeful that before my life is over there will be some semblance of rebellion and retaliation for the damage that has been caused to our people. Yes Retaliation.. that means death to the purpertrators not a kindly prison sentence where they are protected and allowed to live to do it all over again. Our courts need revamping, put the judges on trial by the people, punish those that have allowed their power to subvert the law of the land which is still the Constitution.

Show no mercy. We have been shown none and need to repay in kind to those who have abetted the slaying of a nation.

It is shameful to think that people are planning on where they can hide, a place they can live in peace and produce their own food, energy and raise their children without the interference from others who have only one mission in life, which is to become more powerful, more wealthy, and be the rulers of a slave class of people who will do their bidding.

These people will emerge as the victorious as they have clear minds and are able to begin to see what has happened and are willing to merge with others who can and will stand against the tyrany of the inbred, perverts who are in power now. Remember they are cowards to a man, not one has the guts to stand by himself on any plank. They cower in the bowels of our government placing more and more laws into effect which will keep us the people under their thumb, under their rule and will use any method no matter how demented it is to keep their thrones of power. Look into their eyes, you will see evil. They will eat their own, they will devour each other to keep their own property, riches, status. They have no morals, no depth of belief, no concience and above all no shame.

The time is near for all of us to band together, it doesn’t matter what color you are or what religion or whether you are poor or rich. We are all struggling to be a nation of people with pride and honor. At this time there is no honor in being a American at least not until we can stand up to these tyrants on their own terms, we have to be strong and unswerving in our quest for the renewal of the American Pride and Honor.


Meet up with people you know and trust, make your communities strong and provide safety in numbers. There is truth in the saying there are more of us than there is of them.. They know it and are fearful every day, why do you think they are guarded even while in their private homes? What are they afraid of? If they were doing what they were supposed to be doing there would be no reason for fear. YET THEY FEAR THE PEOPLE> that is us folks.

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