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Multiculturalism: Crime Against Humanity

September 7, 2009
Frosty Wooldridge

Part 2: Becoming a nation of strangers

In the American media, you will not hear a peep about the failures of multiculturalism. It’s an untouchable ‘sacred cow’. While the elites support and defend it, they step away from living with it. Gated communities, private schools and country clubs across America represent the flight from multiculturalism.

In Boulder, Colorado, where I formerly taught school—rich, white, liberal mothers, driving $50,000 SUVs, sported bumper stickers that read, “Celebrate Diversity.” However, they drove their kids to all white schools away from legal immigrant enclaves that overwhelmed area schools. The immigrant children represented dozens of countries and languages. Classrooms fell into educational chaos.

The story continues …..

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