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REALITY REPORT 17 – Guns and the Media, Template for Tyranny, Forced Vaccinations, Power of the Sheriff, PASS Act Update and more!

September 5, 2009
Restore The Republic

In the 17th edition of the Reality Report Gary Franchi recaps events of the last few weeks, discusses Gun Rights and the Media, and presents a story about a small town being used as an international template for tyranny. He also highlights moments from a recent Ron Paul / Lew Rockwell conversation about socialized health care, swine flu and the dangers of big government. Franchi presents a local news story about being fined if you don’t take the forced swine flu vaccine shot and takes a look, from an international perspective, at the swine flu pandemic (because the US media just doesn’t do their job anymore). Gary also provides a PASS ID Act update from whistle blower Mark Lerner and presents part 3 of Sheriff Mack on the Power of the Sheriff. Also presented in this edition, Gary premiers the the world broadcast debut of the new music video from the “Band of Patriots” and introduces a new segment called “From the Mailbag” where he reads viewer comments.

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  1. September 5, 2009 4:42 pm

    Reality? If you read your own website, and don’t understand that the ILLEGAL DRUG WAR ragging on your streets is the number one source for keeping everything going the way most are programmed to accept….Spend just a little time looking for a way to disprove this.. Until people come together to want real change … well hell, you are proof that it won’t happen.
    WHIRRRRRLD….PEZZZZZZ? na who needs any?

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