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Answers from the Past? What April 1865 and the Weimar Republic Can Teach Us

September 3, 2009
C. Austin Burrell

We face a crisis in government unprecedented since the end of the Civil War. Disciplined ideologues of the left have been incredibly effective in “gaming” our legislative and political systems in their drive to end our system of Representative Democracy and Capitalism. Where are we now, and what can we learn from history?

The first big effort was in jamming through the stimulus bill, which was done by creating a panic crisis, then slamming in a 1,000 page budget bill with a $3.6 trillion deficit. They knew that by calling for instantaneous passage, they could be sure the bill would never be read in its entirety by a single legislator, in either the House or Senate. In fact, as we found out last week, the bill was not written by a single legislator nor by any of their staffers, but rather came out of special interest groups who wrote the entire bill, insuring that every single element of pork barrel wishes was included, but failing to address the real crisis.

The story continues …..

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