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Mexican Flag Burner To File Special Action Against Tucson City Court

September 1, 2009
CSII Press

Warden Challenges Two Statutes, Order of Prior Restraint

roy-wardenNoting similarities between Tucson Police Officers & Tucson City Court Judges protecting Open Border Pro Raza Policy and the “tobacco chewing, racist, red-necked hicks who ran the south in the sixties,” Roy Warden announced today he intends to file a Petition for Special Action against Tucson City Court Judges for making “capricious, arbitrary and unconstitutional determinations on who may exercise First Amendment freedoms and who must remain silent.”

“Go ahead, click on Warden Petition for Special Action, and read exactly how the Tucson Police Department and Municipal Court Judges have worked in concert to protect the “Pro-Raza” interests of Isabel Garcia, and the cheap Mexican Illegal labor desires of local contractors and businessmen,” Warden said.

For Maximum readability, enlarge text by clicking twice on the zoom function and then clicking full screen at the top of the screen

In America, the Rule of Law is protected when organizations and individuals dare to challenge the rectitude of official action and hold public officials accountable for malfeasance.

In the last three years Warden has been arrested thirteen times for alleged offences arising out of the exercise of his First Amendment protected liberties and exposure of what he calls “Pro-Raza Open Border Policy.”

The U.S. Border Patrol estimates more than 50% of all Illegal Mexican Aliens come through the Arizona sector.

“When the rest of the country finds out the crime committed by Mexican Illegal Aliens in their neighborhoods was committed by people who were aided and abetted by Pima County and Tucson City officials—including Tucson City Court Judges who tried to silence my speech—they will explode with anger,” Warden contends.

For further information, please contact:

Roy Warden

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