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A Primer On “Martial Law”

August 31, 2009
Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.

It is difficult these days not to come upon some pessimistic patriotic commentator expressing the fear that something called “martial law” may soon be imposed on this country, as the General Government’s response to a new “terrorist attack”, or to the economic and social chaos arising out of a collapse of the monetary and banking systems, or to some other dire event that frightens hapless Americans into trading a sure and certain loss of their liberties for a dollop of conjectural safety.

An optimistic patriot might scoff at such fears. But both pessimists and optimists typically share the same implicit first premise: namely, that the form of “martial law” they have in mind is legitimate. Most of the time, this is a rather glaring and dangerous error.

In legal analysis, definitions of terms make all the difference. And “martial law” can be defined in at least four ways:

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  1. Valerie Protopapas permalink
    September 1, 2009 9:10 am

    Frankly, this government and the shadow organizations behind the ongoing press for a one world government are not overly concerned with “legitimacy”. Indeed, they are of the opinion – as anyone can see from the current government in Washington – that legitimacy is what they SAY it is.

    While the Constitution, like the flag, is dragged out for a prop during election cycles, no one in Washington – or even the States, seemingly – care a fig about that document. The courts, including SCOTUS, have already tortured and twisted our founding principles to mean whatever they WANT them to mean, so I do not see that there will be any concern as the country continues to slide into a leftist tyranny. Indeed, Obama – like that other corrupt Illinois politician, Abraham Lincoln he so admires – has indicated he intends to suspend habeas corpus and to detain fractious Americans who oppose his will and the will of his communist “advisers”.

    By the time martial law actually IS imposed, what remains of our constitutionally guaranteed liberties will be long gone and it will only represent the end game in the overthrow of, as Ronald Reagan once put it, the “last bastion” of hope for mankind on the earth.

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