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Gun rights, control groups find fight in health debate

August 28, 2009

goa_logo_transA Virginia-based gun rights group has taken issue with the Democrat-led healthcare proposals, saying that the proposed plans could strip citizens of their rights to own a gun.

The Gun Owners of America group, which boasts more than 300,000 members, has been warning its ranks that the proposed healthcare legislation would compile the information of Americans into a government database. The group says that by using this data, the government could deem a citizen “medically unfit” to carry a gun.

“All of the proposals that we’re aware of would handle people’s health data that way,” said Larry Pratt, executive director of the group.

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  1. steve permalink
    August 30, 2009 2:47 am

    The silent majority is slowly waking up.. When we get done yawning and stretching we best get at rebuilding our Government by kicking EVERYONE of the SOB’s on Capital Hill and the White House to the curb.. EVERYONE…. We need to require proof that any new representatives have read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution BEFORE taking any oath of office.. We need to limit government data on individual citizens and the first step is to eliminate the IRS and put in a National Sales tax or a flat tax with provisions for poverty level citizens. We need to take this stimulus money and put it back in Social Security fund and take the fund back out of the General fund and back into its original status of being a dedicated fund…
    We need tort reform in the Health care industry. Followed up by regulation of Drug Companies so they can not sell drugs at widely different cost depending on what side of the border you buy them from.. We need to give Physician Assistants the ability to open up their own offices to deal with minor injuries and health problems with limited prescription writing privileges.. Why pay a Electrical Engineer to do the job of a Electrician?
    We need to get the FDA out of the pocket of the Drug Companies and the AMA..
    We need to corral the power of Special Interest lobbyist on Capital Hill.
    We need to do this starting NOW…..

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