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What Are They Hiding From?

August 27, 2009
Coach Dave Daubenmire

I am a political atheist. I have come to realize that neither party represents the people, they only represent the Party.

It is like a football game. The Democrats are on one side of the field and the Republicans are on the other side. “We the people” have been relegated to the role of cheerleader. Our lives are the football that they kick around. It doesn’t matter to either side what happens to the people, it only matters whether or not their team wins.

The Republicans don’t really care about “conservative values”; they are only interested in beating Obama and his boys. Pelousy and her sissy boys don’t care about healthcare for the American people, they only want to use their power to stick it to the Republicans. Winning politically is the goal, not good government, and the welfare of the American Republic is only a chip that they play in the Texas Hold ‘Em masquerading as legislation.

Well I am sick of it, and I am not just going to run my chops about it. I think it is time “we the people” elbowed our way back to the poker table. After all, it is our money they are gambling with.

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