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Why English First Opposes the Obama Health Care Plan

August 27, 2009
English First

For healthcare, the bill pushes a taxpayer-funded entitlement to foreign language translation, essentially seeking to enshrine infamous Executive Order 13166 into federal statute.

  • An entitlement – the mandate – to have the taxpayers pay for proper translation of complex medical jargon into any and every language would create a huge financial burden.
  • A translation mandate would create massive legal liability that taxpayers would have to fund.
  • The mandate would insert the government between you and your doctor yet one more time.

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  1. January 31, 2012 4:46 am

    I’ve watched the “patriots” who are declaring that they are more patriotic than I am, can wave the flag higher and follow the Constitution more religiously than any “liberal like me.” In fact they know everything about our country better than anyone else and they have the crusades to prove it.

    One of the problems with most of them is that they cannot read or understand the Constitution of the United States, especially the First Amendment that guarantees that an American citizen can express themself ANY WAY they CHOOSE, including in ANY other language. Our founding fathers decided that they could not force anyone to speak any other language, official or otherwise. For that reason “official language crusaders” have never won that “right” because it is NOT a RIGHT. You will have to find another way to package your inherent racism.

  2. Warren Jose Gueterez Ogren permalink
    August 27, 2009 10:09 pm

    Oh but those poor souls that risked their lives to come to America to help feed us and clean up the mess we have made of their Astlan need all of the help we can give them. And we had better do it, or they will make the gringo pay for it when they take over this nation as they have vowed to do, and as they are coming closer to all of the time by their breeding agenda.


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