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“Oh Please, Mr. President!”

August 26, 2009
Ron Ewart

As you are counting the millions of dollars in your campaign war chest, I want you to know that I am having such a hard time and I plead with you to help me! I notice that you are pushing very hard, in spite of half the country being against you, to get folks like me free health care.

I and all the other good little liberals of America bow down to you for that. You are so kind and benevolent in handing out the people’s money. If it wasn’t for you, the poor, elderly, disabled, ne’er-do-wells, non-producers, illegal aliens, gang members, criminals and third world countries would have no one to turn to.

Even though everything you are doing isn’t constitutional, we applaud you for your courage to stand up against those rich folks who are complaining that their freedoms and liberties are being eroded by your policies.

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