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COLA Freeze for Social Security Recipients: Part of an Obama Ruse to Keep Senior Voting Bloc?

August 26, 2009
Daniel T. Zanoza

The elderly will certainly blame the Obama Administration after they receive their first Social Security check in 2010. Even those who do not follow politics closely would associate the COLA freeze with the Party in rule. The Obama administration is fully aware of this fact. This may sound cynical to some, but I believe Barack Obama will attempt to spin the financial freeze facing seniors to his advantage. Obama will do so by feigning outrage, while at the last minute riding in to “save the day.” He will turn this fiasco into a positive opportunity, designed to bring straying seniors back into the Democratic fold. The President will find a way to undo the freeze on COLA’s, thereby projecting himself as the defender of seniors and handicapped.

The story continues …..

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