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The Reality Report #16

August 24, 2009
Restore The Republic

Is there free speech in Washington DC? We look at the recent SWAT team confrontation against the “Young Americans for Liberty”. Gary reports on the National Guard Job Posting looking for “Internment Camp Officers”. Checkpoints in America are looked at as the Border Patrol is Checkmated at their own Arizona Checkpoint.

We also have the latest from Ron Paul about the Cash for Clunkers program, is it really working or is it another scam? Gary also gives a brief update on the status of HR 1207, “the Federal Reserve Transparency Act” and the Senate Companion bill.

Christina Tobin, the founder and Chair of joins Gary in studio to discuss the latest in ballot access laws and her exclusive announcement. Lastly we present the second part in our series by Sheriff Richard Mack on the Power of the Sheriff.

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  1. midiman permalink
    August 24, 2009 5:30 pm

    The Reality Report #16

    Whether it’s on the steps of Congress or at the border patrols.
    We are a nation of laws. These student and activists are acting out mob rule.
    Whether it’s one person of a hundred. Harrassing the law will not get you anywhere.
    Asking if you’re an American is a no brainer. Standing on the steps of Congress without a permit and bitching is imature and childish. Cops and sercuity personnel don’t know the law and they don’t care.
    They are given orders and they just mindlessly obey. We don’t need to be picking our fights with these droids.

    This mob mentality and in your face behavior should not be supported by intelligent and informed Patriots and it should not be supported by you and this website.

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