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911: Uncovering the Truth

August 24, 2009
Republic Magazine #16

Lets be honest for a moment and reflect on how we got to this moment. Three planes we’re hijacked and flown into buildings. Now you may argue that point, but in reality 9/11 has been used as the excuse for the total police state we now live in. Have you ever really looked into what happened that day? We’ll I have and what I found woke me up and caused me to take action to restore our great land.

If you haven’t taken the time to look into that day with an honest and open mind let me help you. We have assembled some of the strongest data to help you begin understanding the truth about 9/11. Forget the media spin and governemnt propaganda for a moment and let the science and facts speak for themselves.

Understanding 9/11 is the key, let me open the door for you.

Loss of Freedom, Fabled Enemies, History of the Patriot Act, Hijackers: Pawns in the Game, Lingering Questions: The Pentagon, The 9/11 Timeline, Evidence for the Explosive Demolition of World Trade Center- Building 7 on 9/11, The History of False Flag Terror, The History of False Flag Terror, The 1000 Year War on Terror, Thermite: The Smoking Gun, Activist Profile: 911 Truth Movement and More…

Read it here …..

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