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URGENT – H1N1 Vaccine Patent Filed (2007) Long Before the Swine Flue Virus Was Spread!

August 22, 2009
Walter Burien

Pay special attention to the strains of the H1N1 noted in the 2007 filing. Coming to your hometown soon!

The following is my reply to John Perna per a US Patent Application filed, with one aspect of the patent being for the Swine Flue virus vaccine (H1N1). The patent application was filed long before the Mexican Swine Flu supposedly came forward as a new strain of virus coming out of a “Pig Farm” in Mexico.

The story continues …..

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  1. August 24, 2009 3:32 pm

    OxySilver – A New Way to Fight Disease and Crazy Pharmas

    I first heard of OxySilver over the Internet after watching the film documentary by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism”. Dr. Horowitz is the author of the NY Times bestseller, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?”

    I contracted Lyme Disease a couple of years ago and used the conventional antibiotic Doxycycline treatment. After 19 days I began to feel my body shutting down, and stopped taking the antibiotic. I continued taking probiotics. Yet, after a while I noticed symptoms of chronic lyme disease; I read and started acting upon the advice in the book, “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine” by Bryan Rosner. Now, I have added OxySilver to my list of preferable antibiotics. Plus, I continue taking milk thistle for liver support and take in lots of good fluids, fruits, non dairy vegetarian nourishing diet.

    I had immediate positive results from OxySilver, which ended symptoms of a long-term intestinal bug overnight with one teaspoon. Silver hydrosols were developed by NASA in the 1970’s. However, there have been mixed results from the use of silver hydrosols in colloidal silver. It works to kill germs, yes, but the concentration of this heavy metal was not always consistent and could become a health risk. OxySilver solves that problem by using less silver in a nano-solution with oxygen, which is most beneficial in fighting germs and for removal from the body. It works too as a topical solution, which knocked out infections on my fingers, and one time on my chest from what I believe was another deer tick lyme infection.

    Now is the time to consider finding alternatives to government-supported vaccinations, especially since evidence has revealed diseases have originated from laboratories and vaccination programs. This is true for Lyme disease and now for this latest Swine Flu pandemic. Dr. Adrian Gibbs, an Australia-based virologist with more than 200 scientific publications to his credit, stated that the “H1N1 (virus) last seen in 1950 after a period of non-evolution” is likely due to an escape of the virus from their laboratory.

    The consequences of this can have a wide range of possible outcomes. On the extreme edge it could take down the world financial economy, it could create havoc, martial law, loss of freedom, more of a new world disorder. Or, it could set things up for another time, hampering the immune system a little more, making great profits with human suffering paying the bill, and things could continue longer. Yet, we, as individuals are able to find an alternative for our own health. We must learn of those who we can trust by their actions, and those proven untrustworthy.

    The above was originally published by
    Flyby News in July 21, 2009 issue in item 2.

    i recommend buying a bottle and signing up as an affiliate. this way you can benefit by your referrals.. however, the real issue with me.. is that it works to knock out pathogens on their cellular level.. IT WORKS – and the H1N1 Virus shows evidence that it came out of a lab.. so why trust the attenuated live virus vaccine?

    Jonathan Mark,
    Affiliate of OxySilver:
    Publisher, Flyby News

    ~~ ~~
    for life’s survival in the 21st Century

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