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Are Mexican Drug Cartels Setting California Fires?

August 18, 2009
Michael Cutler

An article that appears on the CNN website that includes a link to a broadcast version of the news report concerning the fires that are plaguing California, threatening massive destruction of property and endangering lives.

Succinctly stated, some of these dangerous fires are apparently being traced to the cultivation of large numbers of marijuana plants by members of the Mexican drug cartels operating inside our country. The news report I watched on CNN today also noted that often these cartel members are known to be heavily armed. The news report went on to talk about how these individuals use propane tanks to cook their food because they fear that a traditional campfire would generate smoke that would be easy for law enforcement to spot. It is theorized that one of these fires got out of control resulting in at least one of the major fires that fire fighters are battling.

The story continues …..

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