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Obama Says Immigration Amnesty Draft Legislation Coming This Fall

August 12, 2009
Diggers Realm

Obama is in Mexico today and has been talking on immigration. He says that it may have to wait until next year, but that he has been having talks with House members and Senators to have draft resolution put together this fall with co-sponsors. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is heading up the behind the scenes organization of the coming amnesty legislation.

Obama doesn’t see it actually making it to the floor this year, but I don’t believe him for a second. I look at this as putting your “toes in the water” to see whether they have enough support to get it passed. I can guarantee you that if they feel they have even the slimmest shot of getting amnesty for illegal aliens through that it will quickly be put on the agenda and passed as fast as possible. This administration has showed time and time again that they can put several thousand pages of legislation together within days and pass it and I don’t put it past them to try and do it again before the public can voice their opinion.

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