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Seniors In Dallas Disgusted At AARP Town Hall Meeting

August 7, 2009
Diggers Realm
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Senior citizens in Dallas were outraged when AARP held a town hall style “listening event” where the spokespeople for the AARP condescendingly shut down any questioning of their support for the massive Obama universal health care plan. I felt tears of joy while watching the video below. If you are a member of the AARP I plead with you to cancel your membership. The AARP has given millions to support lobbying for socialist programs over and over again. They are using your dues to increase your taxes with all of these expensive programs. And what do you get out of it… a few measly discounts here and there. What are you thinking?

The AARP is pro illegal alien and has given millions to support racist groups like La Raza. What are you thinking? Cancel now! Like your fellow Americans in the video below who are outraged at the AARP’s actions.

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