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Cancer Patient Offered Gov’t Suicide Funds But Not Medical Care

August 5, 2009
Warner Todd Huston

Doctor C.L. Gray and his Physicians for Reform group tell us of the horror story of Oregon’s government run healthcare plan that offered a cancer patient named Barbara all the suicide assisted funding she wanted, but not one penny for the medical care that could save her life.

As Doctor Gray put it, Barbara was no longer thought of by government as a patient but instead had become a “negative economic unit.” Oregon’s government run healthcare system wanted Barbara dead because keeping her alive was simply to costly.

It’s bad enough that a handful of states have taken up these uncaring, cut-rate medical plans, but at least patients in Oregon of Massachusetts can go to another state to find the proper care. But once Obamacare becomes a nationwide plague, there simply won’t be any other place to go.

The story continues …..

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