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How many SSNs did Obama use?

July 31, 2009
Kent Van Cleave

When I heard of our own Mark Yannone’s untimely passing, I immediately went to his blog to see what he had been posting. Among the last entries was one dealing with the issue of whether Obama has proved his eligibility for the presidency before attaining the office. It cites the superhuman work of Dr. Orly Taitz, who represents many individuals in pending cases disputing Obama’s legitimacy.

The one tidbit of info that really caught my eye was the list provided by a private investigator of prior addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, etc., that had been associated with Obama’s name (or variants thereof). The key point that was pressed by the authors was that the one SSN mostly used by Obama while he was in Illinois building his political career was one that records show belongs to an individual who is 119 years old. That’s a stopper, eh?

The story continues …..

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