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Lets Wipe The Smirks Off Their Ugly Faces

July 31, 2009
Roy Warden

Tucson Tea Party Co-Organizer Robert Mayer recently wrote an excellent article entitled “Pima County Board of Supervisors Smirks While Raising Your Property Taxes” which illustrated the public’s growing outrage at the absolute arrogance of some of our public officials.

Frankly, our Founding Fathers had much the same problem.

They fought a revolutionary war—in part just to wipe the arrogant smirks from the faces of their public officials—and by so doing broke the historical assumptions of a natural social hierarchy, of caste and class, where officials ruled with arbitrary authority unchecked by law.

Here in America we are now governed (theoretically) by the Rule of Law, not the rule of men.

However; it is now abundantly clear that we Americans have been betrayed by our economic and political leadership, as well as those we’ve entrusted to operate the courts and the rest of our legal structures, as our Founders knew we someday would. Fortunately, they left us with the Bill of Rights and the same power they used to raise public awareness, to stir the public to anger and to motivate the people to take direct political action.

Now, after decades of abuse, the people of Pima County Arizona (and the rest of America) are finally waking up; we heard some of their angry voices on Tuesday in front of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

The people are finally ready to organize, to take direct political action, to hold malfeasant public officials accountable, and to drive elected officials from office.

Last year, prior to the mortgage market and economic collapse, Arizona was proud to be “number one” in population growth, the largest components being illegal aliens and out of state retirees attracted by inexpensive housing and inexpensive recreation and retirement services, which were built and operated by the growing pool of cheap illegal labor, estimated to be more than 15 % of the state’s population.

Well, guess what folks? The people have spoken and Arizona legislators have listened. The laws are changing, the aliens are leaving, and the complex economic infrastructure of population growth and cheap labor, the entire house of cards created by 30 years of Pima County Open Border Policy, is coming to an end.

The primary responsibility for our local and national economic collapse lies with Pima County and Tucson City politicians who formulated and protected Open Border Policy, realtors, appraisers who wrote bogus reports, mortgage brokers, First Magnus Corporation which perfected the writing and packaging of “liar loans,” mortgage backed securities and CDO’s, “good-old-boy” contractors, recreational and retirement service providers, local business etc., all of whom made fortunes off cheap Mexican labor and illegal alien consumption.

Don’t believe me?

Don’t believe that the root cause of the devastating loses you’ve suffered were caused by economic interests operating in Tucson Arizona? Then click here and read about Tucson’s First Magnus Corporation and the statement made by the First Magnus Bankruptcy Trustee:

“The ‘credit crisis’ resulted and spiraled into an unprecedented global financial crisis. First Magnus was not the victim of the ‘credit crisis’ or ‘collapse of the secondary market’…it was a significant cause.”

Time to get mad, folks. The “Fat Cats” ripped off your life savings and now, with the “stimulus” and the “bail-out,” Obama wants our grandchildren to pay for it!

Wake up and look around. Connect the dots, listen to the angry voices of your neighbors, and you will see we are well into the beginning stages of the Next American Revolution.

This one will not be fought with guns; it will be fought with pens, bull-horns, political activism and the free exchange of ideas—the soap box and the ballot box—and by angry citizens who are willing to stand up before their public officials and tell them, “Were Mad as Hell! And We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore!”

Lead, follow or get out of the way. If you do not make yourself part of the solution you are the problem.

For further information please contact:

Roy Warden, Publisher
Common Sense II
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